Wabtec Air Dryers | PN: QBA60-NX5


Wabtec Air Dryers | PN: QBA60-NX5

Sale price$3,365.00

Wabtec Model QBA Series Air Dryers are designed for the critical demands of stop-and-go, high-air usage transit buses.

Patented multi-stage filtration components combined with twin-tower drying technology reliably filter heavy sludge, oil, carbon, water and dirt contamination. The QBA Series Air Dryers also eliminate troublesome winter air-line freezing.


Voltage: 9-36 VDC
Orifice: 0.0575
Heater: '75W @ 28 VDC
Bracket: Standard
Controls: 5924-126-X3
Connector: 5924-408
Turbo Valve: Yes

Delivery: 4 Weeks