150MT™ Heavy  Duty Starter | Delco Remy
150MT™ Heavy  Duty Starter | Delco Remy


150MT™ Heavy Duty Starter | Delco Remy

Sale price$575.00
Style:150 MT- 12V | PN: 61014400

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized pinion speed provides 
    best-in-class cranking performance  
  • High performance power pack provides 
    optimized performance for better engine 
    starts and supports multiple improved 
    vehicle power sources/battery loading
  • Long life operation and over crank 
    thermal protection offers more reliability 
    to meet new vehicle requirements
  • Improved mechanical rigidity to support 
    new vehicle operating requirements
  • Warranty: 4 year/unlimited miles 
    (Applicable to U.S. and Canada only)


Engine Size : 12V up to 16 Liters, 24V up to 18 Liters
Rotation : Clockwise (viewing pinion end)
Pinion Data : 11 Tooth, 6-8 Pitch; 12 Tooth, 8-10 Pitch; 12 Tooth, Mod 3-metric
Output : 12V peak at 7.3kW, 24V peak at 9.0kW
Weight : 14.4kg/31.75 lbs.
Diameter : 115 mm/4.53 inches
Heavy Duty Drive : Electrical Soft-Start Engagement, System Overrunning Clutch
Starting Torque with Gear Ratio :  4.3:1